Oluwagbemileke Oyefeso


Oluwagbemileke Oyefeso hails from Lagos, Nigeria where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Lagos. His undergraduate thesis was on the “Local Production and Utilization of Solar Panels in Nigeria”. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, Gbemileke worked with Ariosh Limited as an Instrumentation and Control Engineer where he contributed greatly to the Front End and Detailed Engineering Design of various oil & gas projects.

He is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Michigan, in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with Control Systems as his Major. His research interests span across Industrial Process Control and Automation, Renewable Energy and Load Control. Gbemileke currently works with Prof. Johanna Mathieu and Prof. Ian Hiskens on overcoming the technical challenges associated with load control at scale.

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