Current Projects:

Scalable and Safe Control Synthesis for Systems with Symmetries (NSF)

Description: The coordinated actions of thousands of thermostatic loads can provide transmission-level ancillary services, but possibly at the expense of distribution network operation. We are identifying at-risk constraints on the distribution network (e.g., voltages and transformer temperatures) and developing computationally efficient control strategies to coordinate loads for transmission services while respecting distribution-level constraints. 

Publications: J33, J26, C83, C80, C73C72C58

Press: New research for the future of sustainable power and energy

Stochastic Capacity Scheduling and Control of Distributed Energy Storage Enabling Stacked Services (NSF)

Press: Johanna Mathieu receives NSF CAREER Award to help build a smarter, more sustainable grid

Price, Generation, Emissions, and Transmission Impacts of Energy Storage in PJM (Sloan Foundation)

Publications: J36, C84

Press: Battery economics could power the future of energy

I-DREEM: Impact of Demand Response on short and long term building Energy Efficiency Metrics (DOE Building Technologies Office)

Publications: J35, C81, C77, C76

Press: New research for the future of sustainable power and energy

Overcoming the Technical Challenges of Coordinating Distributed Load Resources at Scale (ARPA-E)

Press: How air conditioners could advance a renewable power gridInnovative project tests the boundaries of HVAC demand response systems

Stochastic Operation and Control of Coordinated Power and Water Distribution Networks

Description: Water distribution networks generally act as passive loads on power distribution networks; however, water pumping could be actively used to help manage distribution network constraints and provide balancing services in systems with high penetrations of distributed energy resources. We are developing stochastic approaches to operate and control coupled water and power distribution networks with the aim of improving the performance and economics of both.

Publications: J31, C79, C75

Reducing Barriers to Residential Energy Security through an Integrated Case-management, Data-driven, Community-based Approach (NSF)

Press: U-M, community partners tackle energy insecurity in three Detroit neighborhoods

Some Recent Projects: 

Mitigating Phase Unbalance for Distribution Systems with High Penetrations of Solar PV (DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office)

Publications: J34, C78, C71

Press: New research for the future of sustainable power and energy

Inferring the Behavior of Distributed Energy Resources from Incomplete Measurements (NSF)

Publications: J30J21, J20, B2, C76, C68, C66, C55, C42

Project Outputs: Papers, Talks, & Posters; Code

Data: Data files for “Real-Time Energy Disaggregation of a Distribution Feeder’s Demand”

Demand Response Algorithms to Improve Electric Power System Stability Margins (NSF)

Publications: J27, C69, C63, C61, C59

Project Outputs: Papers, Talks, & Posters; Code

Environmental Impacts of Using Distributed Energy Storage for Power System Reserves (NSF)

Publications: J22, J11, C70, C46

Code: Code for “Use-phase Drives Lithium Ion Battery Life Cycle Environmental Impacts when Used for Frequency Regulation”

Data-Driven Approaches to Managing Uncertain Load Control in Sustainable Power Systems (NSF)

Publications: J28, J25, J24, J23, J15, C65, C57, C56, C53, C52, C45, C41, C40, C38

Project Outputs: Papers, Talks, & Posters; Code

Press: Working to Bring Power from Sustainable Sources to Your Home

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings Participating in Power System Ancillary Services (UM MCubed Program)

Publications: J29, J17, C67, C54, C51

Press: Using University of Michigan Buildings as Batteries